Dairy non-fat solids from the processing perspective: distinct challenges for different plant scales

The challenges associated with non-fat solids and dairy by-products is presented from the processors' perspective, which can be very different from artisan to industrial manufacturers. Upcycling routes exist for every dairy component, but are they reachable for any dairy processor? Could they be? This presentation will evaluate opportunities at different processing scales to reduce the surplus of SNF and contribute to improving the sustainability of the dairy sector.

Dr. Julien ChamberlandAssistant ProfessorUniversité de Laval

Julien Chamberland is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences. He has recognized expertise in dairy processing, and particularly in cheese technology.
The career of this cheese enthusiast has been marked by his six years of experience as a consultant in artisanal and industrial cheese making. He completed his graduate studies at Université Laval (2014-2018) as part of the NSERC-Novalait Industrial Research Chair in Milk Processing Efficiency, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at the Milk and Egg Science and Technology Laboratory in Rennes (2018-2019). This stay in France allowed him to contribute to the creation of a new patented technology aimed at reducing the environmental impact of cheese processes.
Julien Chamberland was recruited in 2020 through the creation of the Chair in Teaching Leadership in Cheese Technology. As a chairholder, he will develop new training programs focused on cheese making, in addition to initiating research activities on the variability and efficiency of cheese-making processes.