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Farm Safety: Best Laid Plans Can Go Astray

Farm Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Craig Connell joins us to share the farm safety protocols in place on his farm and share his experience of loosing long-time employee in a fatal accident in hopes of providing further awareness on the importance of strict farm safety protocols.

Craig ConnellWicketthorn Livestock

Low Down on Lameness in Canada

Canada’s national dairy industry quality assurance program, proAction, has set a target of 10%  fewer lame cows in each dairy herd.  Dr. Stephanie Croyle will discuss the results from the 2015 Canadian National Dairy Study reviewing the prevalence and associated risk factors for lameness in Canada.  She will highlight the disconnect between farmer perceived lameness and detected farm level lameness.

Dr. Stephanie CroyleUniversity of Guelph

NAFTA Renegotiations: What is at Stake?

NAFTA has been widely lauded as a success. Kathleen will discuss the origins and impact of the 2004 NAFTA agreement and explain them in ways that are concrete and understandable to producers.  What has motivated the U.S. government to reopen the 24 year-old agreement?  What are the critical issues emerging in the renegotiations, and how will they impact Canadian and North American agriculture sectors?

Kathleen SullivanStrategic Planning & Government Affairs

Hot Lunch featuring “Food from our Farms”

Succession Planning Panel: Keeping up with Change

Now more than ever, professional planning is required to ensure your farm is transferred in the most tax efficient and harmonious way. Learn from our panel of experts the tools needed for continuity planning to the next generation and protecting your family legacy.  Darrell Wade, our commentator, will lead the panel to ask the questions farmers commonly ask when transitioning the farm business to the next generation.  Our panellists  are all Certified Agriculture Farm Advisors (CAFA) and have extensive experience working with farmers ensure the next generation has a sustainable operation to work from.  Discussion will follow for your chance to ask the questions you want answered!

Darrell WadeCommentatorFarm Life Financial
George SinkerLawyerGeorge E. Sinker, LLB
Dwayne ScottAccountantWilkinson Rogers, LLP
Franklin F. FammeTax SpecialistFamme & Co., LLP

Understanding Butterfat Production in Today’s Dairy Cow

Butterfat generated by the dairy cow on a daily basis is the result of a series of complex, often interacting factors such as diet, management, environment, external factors and the cow itself.  Dr. Dan Ganesh will focus on ways to prevent butterfat depression; tools that nutritionists use and particularly the role management can play that will influence milk fat.

Dr. Dan GaneshBos Nutrition Service

Speak your Mind!

Open microphone session with DFO Vice-Chair Murray Sherk; audience response system sponsored by Gay Lea Foods   Submit your Questions under the Discussion Tab on our Website!

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